Vorpal Board

The platform for playing all your physical board games online with friends using the actual pieces.

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About Us

we love board games

Our goal is to bring people who play board games together to play more often across larger distances. We don't make the games, we make them easier for you to play more often.

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It's your move

Thank you for all the support and excitement leading up to our Kickstarter launch. Our campaign is now live! It is critical that we get a lot of support on day one to raise awareness so please share our project with friends and family and on social media. No matter the pledge level, every backer is helpful.

Thank you for all the support, it is greatly appreciated! Please visit our Kickstarter page which is now live.

What people are saying...


Austin Mace

Game Designer, Howling Hog Games

"Simple and innovative. Vorpal Board could dramatically change the way we play and design games. "


Peter McPherson

Game Designer, Tiny Towns

"Vorpal Board is clean and intuitive, and it could be a tremendously useful tool for designers. Even with constant iteration, playtesting a game with people around the world would be as simple as scanning in the newest version of cards or tiles. "


Steve Finn

Game Designer, Doctor Finn's Games

"Using Vorpal Board was a lot of fun. After a few minutes of using it, I forgot I was playing online. "


The Cardboard Herald

Gaming Podcast, Videos, and Reviews

"My experience with Vorpal Board as a remote user was profound. It was the first time that I'd ever played a board game virtually that truly felt close to the physical experience. "